5 Tips for Starting or Furthering a Career

Whether you’re a student looking to the future or an experienced worker trying to take the next step up the corporate ladder, there are a few things you can always do to improve your chances of excelling at the job you love. Here are just a few tips for getting ahead and staying there.

1. Go to School

Many jobs in the current market require a degree just to get your foot in the door, but even if your industry’s standards are more lax, a bachelor’s, master’s or even doctorate degree can really impress hiring managers. It’s a great way to show that you’re serious about making a career in the field. Nothing says dedication like years of education.

2. Get Certified

If it exists, there’s probably certification for it. This extends to everything from restaurant ownership to computer science. Just make sure you’re taking a CompTIA practice test or getting your dental license from the right people; if they aren’t accredited, you might be doing all that work for nothing.

3. Network, Network, Network

This piece of advice applies to every industry there is. Network! Meet new people in your field and forge useful contacts that might pay off in the form of a favor or job interview later. You never know when a referral might get you hired where a traditional application won’t.

4. Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Being able to give that presentation or argue for that promotion is an essential part of many jobs. If you’re afraid of public speaking or being alone with supervisors, it’s time to work on those skills and bring them up to snuff. You won’t get anywhere in terms of advancement if you’re scared.

5. Follow Your Heart

You’ll hear all the time that you shouldn’t bring emotion into business, but when it comes to picking a job that you’ll have for the rest of your life, emotion is actually a good thing to have. What inspires you? What excites you? Don’t go into a career that you can’t see yourself enjoying for years to come.

These are a few useful tips for beginning, advancing or just plain reinventing your career. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you are in life or how many steps you have left to go. As long as you have a plan and are willing to keep moving forward, you’ll get there eventually.

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