Choosing footwear for driving a car

When buying a new pair of shoes, many car owners do not think about the extent to which their new shoes will be comfortable when driving the car. Especially this is true for novices and women since usually they just buy small cars like Mini Cooper and hit the road wearing high heels which might not be a very good decision as you will learn from our article.

The most important factor when buying footwear is comfort of course since it both contributes to the safety and smoothness of traveling. Therefore, when buying new shoes you should pay attention to the following criteria:

– The sole of your shoes should not be too thick, this way you can easily control all the effort made on both the gas and brake pedals;

– You should feel comfortable in your new shoes because if you do not have that feeling it might distract you from driving and hence result in some negative consequences;

– The heel grip should be fixed so that your feet do not slide over the pedal, because you definitely do not want your foot to slide, say, from a brake pedal when there is a car in front of you breaking hard.

It also should be noted that there are no perfect shoes for driving a car. Therefore, there is no point looking for some sort of magic shoes hoping they would improve your driving skills. However, this does not mean that you should opt for uncomfortable footwear. Comfortable footwear for a driver is a guarantee of safety and a fewer or no number accidents on the road.

Therefore, the first rule when choosing shoes for driving is that you should choose shoes with a thin sole, which allows you to feel a gas pedal in a very subtle way. However, the sole should not slide since, as we have said above but it is worth mentioning twice, this could lead to a situation when your foot slides from a pedal, which in turn may lead to irreparable consequences and even injury.

In addition, many unforeseen situations on the road require you make an instant decision, because every second can save a life. In this situation, all the actions depend on your hands, your experience and of course feet. If your shoes do not give you a sense of discomfort and stiffness, the reaction to the emergency situation on the road will be much higher. In addition, if your car has a manual transmission you are wearing comfortable shoes it is much easier to switch gears since you have to constantly interact with a clutch pedal. Therefore, women who prefer driving wearing high heels should consider either switching to something else or as a last resort, say, visit classifieds site for Ford used cars for sale and get a car with an automatic transmission.

Naturally, when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes it all depends on a driver; however, you should not forget that your safety and possible your life and the lives of others depend on you!

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