College Life: Living on a Budget

It’s no surprise that college life brings with it many challenges including how to manage and make the most of your finances. While you have likely heard multiple horror stories about how students barely make it through college, below we have prepared some tips to stay savvy during college life and how to make the most of the money you do have.

Get a Campus Job

Let’s start with how you are going to make your money. While most students look for retail or hospitality based jobs outside of college, there are a number of services within the confines of your college which can provide employment. If your college has a bank branch, stationery store of even a sandwich shop, speak with the owner about getting a job. Not only will this cut down the commute time between college and work, you can take advantage of employee discounts on-campus.

Speaking of Discounts

Don’t underestimate the power of your college I.D card. Many stores surrounding your college are used to serving students who are trying to be thrifty and offer student discounts on various items during certain times of the day or days of the week. If you don’t see a sign, ask – it never hurts and can save you some serious cash.

Does It Need to Be New?

Just because you’re starting a new college year doesn’t mean that everything has to be new. Instead of purchasing new and expensive textbooks which you may never use during your course, look through your local second-hand book shop or speak with graduating students about purchasing theirs.

Be Smart About Your Health Services

You’re going to get sick – there’s no getting around it. When the dreaded flu season hits, look for a discount chemist which offers low prices on medication. When it comes to dental, look for discount coupons for services like teeth cleaning in Los Angeles. These can save you good amounts of money that are better spent elsewhere in your budget.

Strength in Numbers

Look around you – you aren’t the only student trying to keep their costs down, so unite with your peers. Look for stores which offer lower prices if you buy larger amounts, such as stationery, household items, and even food. If you and a group of friends work together you can individually benefit from these bulk prices.

The time you spend in college isn’t always the easiest time of your life but it’s certainly a manageable one. Along with these tips, always stay alert for a bargain and speak with friends who have been in the same position and ask for any advice they can provide.

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