Mentorship Program Helps Career Growth

Finding the desired job is not always as easy as it seems to be. If there is some guidance through the process, the search might be effortless and even rewarding. The most important thing is to find the right mentor. It is possible now thanks to Ivy Exec. The company is founded in 2006 by a team of ColumbiaBusinessSchool alumni. It provides career support in its online professional network for executives. Recently Ivy launched its new Mentor Network which allows its members to browse, explore and interact with mentors online. It is the first such initiative and it is promising. It helps people in search for career growth to get together with a mentor who provides important advice and information.

How it Started

The idea brought a wholehearted reaction from leading Ivy members. The mentors are CFOs, CEOs and Managing Directors of Fortune 500 companies. The users of the program, called ‘protege’ are able to get special service and be matched with the perfect mentor for them. Video chats technology and a forum are provided to contact with each other within the network.

Enjoying the Program

Both mentors and protégés do enjoy the Mentorship Program. It is a great opportunity for the protégés to develop their knowledge and abilities. Mentors are also satisfied to share their experiences and perceptions with people who are keen to achieve success in their careers. Proteges can find their mentor by searching specific topic, such as payment negotiation or interview training. The system allows them to trace the exact leading expert for individual career advice. They can enjoy the suggestion of one new adviser per month. When a meeting is appointed, it takes place in the video conversation on Ivy’s platform.

Everyone is Invited

The basic membership on Ivy Exec platform is free. The member awaits for the approval to join, then receives one month complimentary All-Access Membership, which provides entree to more than 40,000 finest international job registers, industry intellect reports etc. The member is also able to create a profile that is sought by most leading firms. Joining the Mentorship Program can be a life changing experience and this opportunity should not to be missed.

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