My essays

I never liked school. When I was in nursery school, my mother used to escort me to school because I was a naught boy. Whenever I was not escorted to school, I could hide and go play with other boys in the neighborhood. This became a habit and when I was in high school, I could still snick out of school especially when I had to write my essays. I loved playing football and I escaped classes just to go to the pit and play football. My conscious was telling be that attending class was going to improve my grades but I was possessed by my love for football. I tried to control myself by ensuring that I wrote many essays that could make me remain in class but still this did not work for me. I knew I had a problem that needed an urgent solution but I did not know how to solve it.

My parents had given up on me because they did their best to help me stop this behavior and still I did nothing on my part. I felt like I was a prisoner although I was still free. Something was locking me behind bars and I needed someone to unlock me. I talked to my teachers and they all sympathized with my situation although they did not do much to assist me. I tried to apply the advice I got from them buy it did not work. I had to look for a solution immediately otherwise; my, I could not make it in school. Everything about my schooling was jeopardized by this immense passion for football. one day a writer visited our school and I decided to attend his lecturer. I listened keenly to what she said and how one can became a good writer. She highlighted the challenges and that one can undergo before perfecting the writing skill. I decided to do exactly as she said and practically I decided to write my essays. I realized that I could write the essays as good as every one in class.

As I continued to write the essays, I began to love the idea of writing essays. I could keep myself busy with essays and this helped me reduce the time I spent playing football. As time went by I began to concentrate on my books and I could spend more hours reading than I used to before. This helped me improver my school performance and my obsession with soccer. My parents were very happy to see me changed. All this was because of the writer’s advice. She was a professional and that is why she was able to convince me more than everyone whom I sought help.

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